As well as online hotel bookings, we offer our PLATINUM members a ‘personal’ booking option for times when travel arrangements are more elaborate than online booking allows, for example, multi-centre itineraries of an experiential nature. LB|Private, reserved exclusively for our PLATINUM members, is provided by our experienced LuxuryBARED Travel Directors, who will advise, create itineraries, book accommodation and arrange private excursions.
PLATINUM members who require assistance with arranging multi-centre itineraries or holidays of an experiential nature, for example an African safari, exploration of the Kingdom of Bhutan or visiting the polar regions, can take advantage of LB|Private which takes care of all the details.
The LB|Private service also extends to arranging a host of exclusive experiences to add that extra special magic to any trip, whether it’s a city break of a just a few days or a far-flung adventure over a few weeks. From private excursions and special dining experiences, we can tailor your trip to suit your wishes for the most memorable time away.
PLATINUM members can contact us at to discuss their options and arrange their travel plans.