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Stephanie is LuxuryBARED’s glamorous associate, and could be your guide to Paris’ best kept secrets

Meet Stephanie Boutet-Fajol, who pounds the pavements of Paris in style (and in gorgeous heels, no less) making sure she finds the perfect places, experiences and opportunities to meet visitors’ needs while they’re in town, be it for business or pleasure. Stephanie is just one of the niche insiders LuxuryBARED is proud to call a friend as well as an associate, someone we trust and work closely with to make our clients’ dreams come true.


Welcome to the City of Light – 06

What is the X factor of your business?

My company provides bespoke itineraries with unique experiences in Paris and its surroundings. Most of my clients are looking for something different, a unique and memorable experience – Paris with a twist, in style, bien sûr.

The majority of our clients are women. They are the ones organising their journey for their family, partner, their friends, or just for themselves. And they are looking to plan a trip from a woman’s point of view. My team, therefore, is also only composed of women.


Welcome to the City of Light – 17

Your most memorable moment at work?

There are so many amazing days – it is Paris, after all. Recently we organised a full day for US Dior Parfums, namely 25 of their top executives. We scheduled private and exclusive shopping tours, some unforgettable restaurants and specific menus, and, of course, relevant, dedicated table settings.

It was exhausting but so rewarding; everyone involved, including my team, had the best time arranging and orchestrating it all. Most of our clients become friends; I like to think I have 25 more in the USA after this event.


Welcome to the City of Light – 05

If you have a day off with nothing planned where would you go?

When I’m not home in my neighbourhood or in my lovely apartment near the Arc de Triomphe, I like to go to my hairdresser David Mallett in his stunning salon on Rue Notre Dame des Victoires. It’s my escape, and I would encourage any woman with a few Parisian hours on her hands to head straight here. Mallett’s salon is, he rightly claims, “like walking into a fantasy.” And believe me, when you walk out, the fantasy will continue. Your hair will be perfect.


What’s the hippest attraction near you?

What we love right now…the pool of newly renovated Hotel Ritz Paris; Balagan restaurant (1st arrondissement) for the Israeli food and the super-cool mood; the 9th arrondissement’s Bouillon Pigalle for its cheap and delicious French food (try the wonderful blanquette de veau).

My personal favourite in winter is grabbing a cup of hot chocolate at La Reserve Hotel, voted the best hotel in the world by Condé Nast travellers. During the summer, it’s often champagne time in the stunning Ritz Hotel gardens.


Welcome to the City of Light – 09


Tell us about the coolest place to spend a few hours near you?

The best place to wander with a purpose, in my opinion, is Saint Germain-des-Prés, on the Left Bank. Don’t miss the chance to stop in at Les Deux Magots, the famous café facing the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Once you finish your croissant and coffee, you can go shopping at the nearby Le Bon Marché. It’s the finest department (and grocery) store in Paris, and you can buy some exclusive (and hard to get your hands on) Valmont beauty products here, and then shop some local and international top designers (don’t miss the Sezane department, a personal favourite). When you’re finally worn out, cross the street and stop at the wonderful Bellota-Bellota ham and wine bar for a nibble and a tipple, and toast a day well spent!