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Mandarin Oriental Paris


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Baring All
  • Calling all rockstars. Look no further; this is your kinda place
  • The Jardin des Tuileries beckons and is but a block away
  • Bask in the sunlight in the heavenly courtyard garden
  • Pack your bathers; the pool is sublime
  • Can you spot Man Ray’s ‘The Kiss’, themed throughout the hotel?
Arrival experience

I arrived late at night from the airport and, with the streets being so very quiet, had a chance to properly see all the sights and buildings in the vicinity. The Rue Saint-Honoré really is a treasure-laden and beautifully historic street; I made a mental note of places (well, shops mostly) to visit the following day.

The facade of this art deco building is impressive, as is the reception area with the elegant, garden courtyard just behind. Later during my stay, I sat here and had a coffee and enjoyed the ‘lobby buzz’ while soaking in Paris’ aura.

Check-in was handled quickly by a friendly team and I was escorted to my room in no time, where the individual functions and amenities were all explained by the gracious front office supervisor who was looking after my arrival. I picked up an apple from the fruit basket, turned on my Bang & Olufsen TV to listen to the news, and settled in for the night.

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Rooms and suites

Paris is known as the ‘City of Light’, but you wouldn’t know that in this room. The next morning, I looked all over to no avail in an effort to boost the brightness at my desk, which on a grey winter’s day, I needed. So I pushed the little sun button on my laptop to max capacity and took it from there.

I could have stayed in bed, which was very comfortable indeed and guaranteed a good night’s sleep, but as tempting as that was, I had work to do, so I made my way over to the desk with my first Nespresso of the morning, made from the machine in the room which was filled with fresh water and ready to go.

The control panel here on the desk allowed me to connect all my devices hassle-free. WiFi is fast and it never disconnected me during my stay, which was a welcome change from most hotels, plus it’s complimentary. The room offers all the latest technology, including easy-to-use light switches and master controls next to the bed, and there are USB sockets and plugs at the desk and near the TV for connecting to that and the room’s other B&O devices.

Facing the verdant, garden courtyard of magnolia and other beautiful trees and shrubbery, where the walls and fauna are covered in fairy lights, my room offered a nice view of outdoor life at the hotel. But more importantly, I appreciated how quiet this side of the hotel is both day and night. The windows throughout are all triple glazed so I imagine even on the street-facing side I wouldn’t have heard a thing.

Better yet, the air in the room is recycled and filtered to ensure a sound night’s sleep. One of the reasons, the general manager assured me, that guests frequently comment that they sleep better at his hotel than they do at home. I had to agree.

Later on that day I took a tour of some of the hotel’s other facilities. Cleverly, the suites can interconnect with other rooms and other suites, so a myriad of options are available for bigger parties or families. Terraces off the suites and big windows offer sightseeing opportunities, including vistas of the Eiffel Tower, the Big Wheel, L’Opera and right on up to Montmartre. I was surprised, however, that all of this opulence doesn’t come with a butler service, which to me, would be de rigueur in a suite of this caliber.

The hotel’s top floor has some stunning duplex suites, all done up by French designers in contemporary and rich-looking, local fabrics. The Royal Suite has direct elevator access, a mini gym and, impressively, a huge white bar in Italian marble. Ah…the parties I could throw…

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The bathroom

I believe bathrooms distinguish great hotel rooms from each other. And this hotel’s facilities are typically Mandarin, typically huge and typically opulent. Essentially, even in this entry level room type, there are two wings, one containing an enormous walk in shower, bathtub and a separate WC, and the other containing two separate sinks (his and hers, as the mirrors were at different heights), and a huge wardrobe. I should mention that each mirror was lit and had its own makeup mirror attached. A nice touch.

The hair dryer and straightening iron provided were the same as I would use at home. Really, I lacked for nothing, except for the fact that there was not a single bar of soap anywhere. There were bottles of gel in the soap dishes. Had they run out? Was this to do with being ‘green’?

Bath products, including the afore-mentioned gel, and body lotion were from one of Paris’ most distinguished perfume houses, Diptyque, and smelled sublime.

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For a country that prides itself on food, I have never understood why Monday, specifically, is the day all good (and some bad) restaurants choose to close country-wide. Regardless, I wasn’t having Thierry Marx’s famed fare that night and so I dined in Camélia, where several other hotel guests were already eating. I sat looking out to the courtyard which because of the cold, was deserted. I imagine in summer it would be a whole other story however. Meanwhile, the service here was professional and friendly, unobtrusive, and perfectly timed.

Several wines were offered by the glass, all carefully picked, but I chose a robust Côtes du Rhône to complement a simple steak, which I felt was a suitable choice for a cold winter’s night in Paris. The salad that I ordered for starters looked like it belonged in the nearby Louvre. Someone had surely spent half an hour assembling it, it was that beautiful. I was tempted to take a photo, something I rarely do.

Before heading upstairs, I stopped in to have a peek into Sur Mesure which the friendly bartender had offered to show me. The all-white decor will wow the most blasé of critics, even if I, myself, was not keen on the lack of windows (there are none).

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Other restaurant options

I stopped in at Bar 8, a locally-frequented, low key, busy and very well appointed locale. The bartenders here kept me entertained for a good half hour, and while I didn’t take them up on their offer of a mystery cocktail that I wouldn’t have to pay for, they said, if I could guess the ingredients, I had a nice glass of Chablis and some Lucques olives, a specialty from the Languedoc region.

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Spa and wellness

I believe Mandarin Oriental as a group pride themselves on their spa facilities. In my experience they are always a sure bet, and here in Paris that mantra holds true.

One of the largest facilities in town, it has four totally private ‘suites’ for treatments which can be accessed directly from the room floors, so there’s no need to traipse through the lobby in a bathrobe on your way to and from the spa, pool or gym, all located on this lower level of the hotel.

Facials are performed with Guerlain products which smell heavenly.

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Pool and beach

The indoor pool here is worth a visit; early morning would be my advice when it opens at 7am. A 14-meter lap pool of double width, it is something truly luxurious for such a central Paris location. And, after a swim, there is a gym on the mezzanine above, open 24 hours and also for guests only, where a personal trainer can coax you through some new routines if you so desire.

Rejuvenation is the name of the game. I imagine this may be one of the best places in town to undergo such a rebirth.

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Staff and service

The service in the hotel is impeccable, well-timed and attentive. It was only in the bar, perhaps to be expected, that the staff seemed to have a sense of humour.

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Guest profile

Fellow guests staying here were, according to accents I overheard, American, French, Arabic speaking and Asian. Some on holiday and many on business.

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Departure experience

The front desk staff were quick and efficient with the checkout formalities over in a few minutes. The doormen, formal and polite, helped me into my cab.

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General information

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    35 minutes by car from Charles de Gaulle Airport

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    177 Rooms and suites


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    Swimming pool

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