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Royal Mansour


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Set within the ochre walls of the medina, the magnificent Royal Mansour is a hop, skip and a jump (a five-minute walk) to the hullabaloo of the Jemaa El Fna souq and the hustle and bustle of the old city. And yet, it is also just a short walk back from all that action to this palatial hotel that incorporates the elements of everything wonderful that Morocco as a destination delivers. It’s an incredible oasis of calm, where opulent surroundings and silence are only interrupted by the gurgling of fountains or the clinking of a crystal glass. This property promises extravagance in the most elegant, understated degree.

Fifty-three riads are situated in the property’s lush five hectares of gardens. Each ranges over three storeys and showcases the hotel’s dedication to the finest Moroccan craftsmanship and modern-day luxury. Flowering trees, roses, orange trees and palms surround you at every turn, a set-up that guarantees privacy.

The riads are grandly bedecked with Baccarat chandeliers, the finest marble money can buy, plush silk carpets, damask curtains and lovely linens, you won’t want for anything. Essentially homes of their own with swimming pools, kitchenettes, vast bathrooms and sitting rooms, you needn’t ever leave if you prefer to remain secluded and have whatever you need or want brought to you. Surely it happens often, but if you did do that, you would miss the delights of the property, including the heavenly spa with its hammam, the gym, the beauty salon and everything else that’s here – waiting to take your breath away.

Bar and restaurant options are plentiful. You can move from a delicate French breakfast at La Table to arguably the best Moroccan fare in Marrakech at La Grande Table Marocaine. You may choose to simply relax by the glamorous pool; pull up on a sunbed or repair to a fully stocked cabana. At lunchtime, saunter over to Le Jardin with its one Michelin star and enjoy a delectable lunch in the fragrant gardens under the shade of a pergola.

The hotel’s design is breathtaking. Constructed under the guise of King Mohammed VI, it’s no surprise that it was built and staffed to play host to royal guests. There are 550 employees here, a staggering number, all of whom are quietly discreet and equally jovial at the same time. Make sure to tap the concierge team for their treasure trove of ideas of how to spend your free time in this exciting destination.

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    20 minutes by road from Marrakech Menara Airport

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    53 riads


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[{"address":"Royal Mansour, Marrakesh, Morocco","lat":"31.624884","lng":"-7.999166999999943"}]

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