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Myconian Kyma


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Will Whitham Avatar for Will Whitham


Maybe it’s cliché to say location is everything when it comes to hotels, but what the hell, I like clichés, and location wise, the Myconian Kyma delivers in droves.

Perched high on a hill above Mykonos Town, and just a ten-minute walk from hotspots like Little Venice and a ten-minute drive from the airport, you really couldn’t ask for a better locale. From my balcony, I found myself lost in the beauty of the Cyclades: the gorgeous Aegean laid out before me, the other distant islands promising new wonders, the rugged coast and the picture-perfect, bleached-white houses with their iconic windmills. If you’re in the right room at the Kyma, it delivers all this and more with aplomb and serene elegance. If not, well, it’s a slightly different story.

Luckily, I was in a fantastically situated room with a terrace and a private jacuzzi with sea views, so the magic of the region enchanted me. But I realised that not everyone will reap the benefits from staying here, particularly those in lower room categories sans terrace, or with landside views. Of course all the rooms are lovely, well furnished and extremely comfortable, and the staff are excellent and attentive. But if you haven’t got those amazing views, you don’t have the magic.

The Kyma shares a complex with two other Myconian hotels: the suave and sophisticated Korali, and the decadent, adults-only Naia. Guests have access to the facilities at both these properties, and this is a great bonus. But I got the feeling that these hotels, specifically, have been designed to better take advantage of the incredible views, rather than just a select few rooms and spots which is the case at the Kyma.

Saying all this, the Kyma is a vibrant, refreshing hotel, with gorgeous colours everywhere you look. And even if you can’t find the magic, you’ll have an amazing time. If you’re a family heading to the beach or Mykonos Town, or a party animal who wants to hit the clubs as soon you drop your bags, you’ll find your nirvana here in any room, as you probably weren’t planning on spending too much time gazing wistfully across the Aegean, anyway. But if you want the views and blues of the Cyclades, choose wisely.

Baring All
  • The Kyma is on the windy side of the island, so bring a jacket for the mornings and evenings, especially early and late in the season
  • It really is worth springing for a room with an ocean view
  • Most of Mykonos Town is inaccessible by car, so if you do decide to taxi into town (despite the short walk) remember they likely won’t be able to take you straight to your destination
  • There is an on-site chapel for weddings and ceremonies
Arrival experience

There was a bit of a mix-up on arrival, as my driver took me to the Korali reception rather than the Kyma, and I was already sat down, halfway through my welcome refreshment, before they realised I was in the wrong place. The issue was quickly resolved, and I was soon on my way in a golf buggy to the correct location. But the fact that it was the Myconian group who made the mistake in the first place put a bit of a damper on the proceedings.

That said, the Kyma’s reception is lovely: colour-coded with pale blues and matched by the uniforms of the impeccably presented staff which contrast nicely with the ubiquitous gleaming white of the Cyclades. The wonderful view over Mykonos Town and the bay is glorious, and they’ve positioned it just right so you get the iconic windmills in view. I enjoyed a welcome drink (my second) of Ypovrixio, a traditional “submarine” treat, where you eat a spoonful of sweet vanilla fondant and then wash it down with ice water (or something stronger). It hit the spot, but – word to the wise – the fondant is thick and any attempt at conversation mid-consumption could be a little undignified.

While the initial tour through the property pointing out the main facilities showed a premises with great promise, once I got into the backend of the property and followed the route to my room, it became a tad plain, just the usual local white stone and not much in terms of decoration.

However, once I stepped into my room, I realised that the hotel grounds are simply a stepping stone to the impressive views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean that open up as soon as you step through the door. Everything about the room was explained in detail by the staff member who escorted me here, and a reservation for lunch was quickly arranged. Best of all, the private jacuzzi on my balcony was heated, bubbling and waiting for my arrival.

Rooms and suites

My Sunset Suite was beautifully laid out across two levels, with the balcony overlooking the main pool. At first, this gave me some pause, but the pool bar never became raucous enough to disturb me on my terrace, and the patio doors shut snug enough to block out all noise should the need have arisen.

The furnishing of the room was light, bright and airy, with a groovy sixties-style to the couch and coffee table. The bed was large and just the perfect balance between firmness and comfort. There were also copious amounts of wardrobe space, even accounting for the abundance of beach towels, beach bags and robes provided. My one issue with the room layout was the archway above the steps between the levels, which I did bang my head on, but then that’s my fault for being (to quote some friends) “a lanky git”.

The room’s accessories were excellent, with a smart-tv (complete with a tailor-made app for booking spa and dinner reservations), a Nespresso machine, a phone dock and a personally coded safe. I had absolutely zero issues with the WiFi the entire time I was there.

The other rooms I saw were just as nicely appointed, and even the lowest grades felt like they had plenty of space. Sadly, not every room enjoys ocean views or a private plunge pool/jacuzzi, so it’s well worth the extra spend to get these benefits.

The bathroom

The bathroom suited me perfectly, with a spacious rainfall shower and a lovely organically shaped, freestanding mirror above the sink, which could rotate smoothly as needed.

Well-stocked with Olivia brand toiletries, for me it was perfect, as I seldom take baths. And so if that’s your pleasure, you appear to be out of luck, as there are no bathtubs in any of the rooms at the Kyma.


The hotel’s restaurant, the Noa Oyster Bar and Grill was rather excellent. The crispy pork belly I had was exquisite. Beautifully rich flavours and the ideal balance of fat to meat, it was seasoned with black salt and came with both mustard and chimichurri on the side. For dessert, I had a couple of traditional sweet pastries with lemon filling which were light and tasty. The wine list wasn’t overly large but comprehensive, offering a good mix of international and local vintages. The staff were excellent and elegantly attentive without being overbearing

If I had one complaint, it was the setting. The decor was lovely, and slipped smoothly from vibrant in the day to soothing and intimate at night, with a casual, laid-back vibe. But sadly, Noa faces the pool. While this does wonders for sheltering you from the winds that can be common in the region particularly early and late in the season, there wasn’t even a window to sit by, which seemed like a missed opportunity.

Breakfast is served in the same location, with an excellent buffet catering to practically every taste.

Other restaurant options

Staying at the Myconian Kyma means that you have access to the restaurants at both the Myconian Korali’s Baos and the Naia’s Naros. Both are Aegean fine-dining in sophisticated, stylish surroundings, and yes, they both have sea views, making them the spots to go for a romantic meal in the complex.

Kyma’s bar, George’s, is a casual, friendly setting by the pool near the restaurant. While the drinks and the atmosphere were good, it once again doesn’t benefit from views of Mykonos, especially when you can quite easily do drinks on your balcony which does have the scenery. Thankfully, the bars at the nearby Naia and Korali both have views over Mykonos Town and the sea, albeit with a far more glamorous vibe, so dress to impress.

The Kyma is just a ten-minute stroll away from town, with all of its fantastic bars and restaurants. The staff are happy to point out the best places to go for drinks and dinner, and it would be a crime not to take in the sunset from a waterfront bar in Little Venice with the windmills in full view before dining in excellence along Akti Kampani.

Spa and wellness

The Myconian Kyma shares the Satory spa with the Korali and the Naia, with ample space for all three properties. It is impressively equipped with plenty of treatment rooms, including several for couples, steam room, hammam and salon. One particular curio is the Salve-in-terra therapy machine. One of only five in the world, this rather odd looking bed, resembling a venus fly trap, sits in a special cube into which scented mists are pumped. You (and preferably a partner) are coated head to toe in moisturising mud masks and lie on the bed as it rocks in mimicry of the sea before the sides push you together, to be finally washed down with a tropical rainfall-style shower. It seemed a tad eccentric to me, and I didn’t personally partake, but if you’re looking for an utterly unique couples therapy, this could be the one.

However, I did indulge in a Thalassotherapy session, the Myconian’s speciality, where the five gorgeous saltwater pools are in a wonderfully tranquil setting. Each one has a different temperature, salinity and minerals, with the final pool involving high powered jets and showers for working out those aches and pains. It was a fantastic experience and left me feeling quite zen and pain-free on the morning of my flight home.

All treatments use either Elemis or Ligne St. Barth products.

Pool and beach

The Kyma’s outdoor area is quite wonderful, with a two-tiered infinity pool and elegant pastel blue sunloungers, complimenting the gorgeous sapphire and white tiles. However, once again, the lack of sea views means you’ll be tempted to head to the other Myconian properties. Guests also have access to the suave (and larger) pool at the Korali and the stylish, adults-only Naia.

While there are a few beaches near Mykonos Town, they aren’t the greatest on the island, so you’ll likely have to go further afield for the best fun in the sun.

Kids/teens facilities

While the Kyma accepts children and families as guests, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of child-friendly facilities. Even with access to the offerings of the other hotels, there isn’t anything specific, with the Korali leaning more towards an adult, sophisticated vibe. As such, you’ll be reliant on excursions and activities in Mykonos Town and beyond.

Staff and service

Leaving aside the hiccup with my arrival, the staff were gracious and charming and excellently presented in their stylish, pale blue uniforms. They were happy to accommodate my every need and extremely knowledgeable about the local area.

If you ever need to move around the complex, the staff are quick to whizz you about in golf carts, no matter how short the distance

Guest profile

The majority of guests when I was there were older couples and families with older children – a diverse range of nationalities. However, I should be clear that Naia had closed early for the season, so it could be that during high season you would see the majority of couples there, with the Kyma being more family focused, as it’s more laid-back than the Korali.

Departure experience

While I might have been still slightly blissed from the residual effects of my Thalassotherapy session, I found the departure experience to be spot-on. Everything, from arranging my driver to collecting my bags, was beautifully orchestrated.

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