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Mandarin Oriental Sanya

Hainan Island

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Baring All
  • There’s a chilled-out atmosphere and a tropical ambience at this resort on Hainan Island, the ‘Hawaii of China’

  • Enjoy a cocktail at the Sunset Bar along with striking views of the setting sun

  • Make use of the mosquito repellent provided to keep pests away if you go outdoors in the evening

  • If you’re a keen snorkeler or diver, take a boat trip to Wuzhizhou Island to discover the coral reefs

Why we like it
Why we like it

We like the gorgeous beachfront setting, the uncrowded feel even when it’s busy and the host of activities available. The choice of three swimming pools means that all bases are covered whoever you’re travelling with. There’s one reserved for grown-ups (over 18), though if you like fun and games there’s a programme of pool activities at the main pool – which also has a sunken pool bar. One of the most popular facilities at the resort is the spa – a veritable village of treatment rooms set in lovely gardens. It’s the only resort spa on the island licensed in traditional Chinese medicine, so you can experience treatments including cupping and acupuncture. The Garden Sanctuary treatment includes a Chinese body wrap that is particularly relaxing.

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Just so you know
Just so you know

Even though you’ll feel cosseted within the seclusion of the Mandarin Oriental Sanya, there is lots to do and see on Hainan Island. There are casual beach bars to discover nearby along Dadong Bay, and Sanya’s major shopping area is just a short drive away. If you like to play golf there are several world-class courses within easy reach where you can practise your swing. For attractions of a natural kind, take a boat ride to Wuzhizhou Island to snorkel and dive among the marine life of the coral reef, or venture inland to Wuzhi Mountain for mountain-biking or a gentle hike.

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Best suited for
Best suited for

If you’re planning a trip to mainland China with lots of sightseeing and city action but want to add on somewhere tropical to unwind before you think about heading home, the Mandarin Oriental Sanya is worth considering. It’s a little off the beaten path, so if you like discovering places that your friends and family may not have been to, this is one to try. Go here for escapism, a great climate and a full resort experience: chilling out by the pool, fantastic beach views and gracious Mandarin Oriental service. It’s family-friendly too, and the CoCo Kids’ Club offers a playground and free activities such as treasure hunts, so that even the littlest visitors are content.

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General information

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    20 minutes from Sanya Phoenix International Airport

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    291 rooms and suites


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    Swimming pool

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  • Kids club

    Kids club

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[{"address":"Mandarin Oriental, Sanya, Jiyang, Sanya, Hainan, China","lat":"18.21433","lng":"109.53241000000003"}]

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