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Hotel B Lima


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Legend has it that if you hold your breath while crossing Peru’s “Bridge of Sighs” all of your dreams will come true. Give the challenge a go as you cross the 44-metre bridge and exhale as you step into Barranco. Widely considered to be Lima’s most romantic district, Barranco has a reputation for being bohemian and chic. Trendy restaurants, shops and galleries fill brightly coloured buildings, and the beach is within walking distance from just about anywhere in town. A stone’s throw away from the shore sits an enormous mansion that was once an aristocratic beach home. The palatial belle époque building is now home to Hotel B, the prettiest hotel in town.

The building underwent a thorough facelift before opening its doors to guests, but its early 20th-century charm was meticulously preserved. Seventeen rooms are divided into three categories: Alcoba, Aposento and Atelier. Atelier rooms are the nicest, but all are beautifully set in a palette of cream, taupe and mocha. The interior design meticulously blends period furniture with contemporary art, all of which is highly curated – both in the rooms and beyond. Do note that while all bathrooms have rain showers, only some have standalone tubs.

The hotel is rather lacking in the facilities department; you won’t find a pool, gym or spa within its walls. The food, at least, is excellent – so good that you may find yourself wanting to dine repeatedly at the hotel instead of exploring the rest of Barancco’s vibrate culinary scene. A lavish breakfast spread is laid out in the library each morning, while other meals can be enjoyed in the dining room or on its terrace which overlooks the street. Guests are encouraged to attend the hotel’s afternoon teatime (called El Lonche) or drop by for a delicious cup of Peruvian hot chocolate in the early evening. At dinnertime, Peruvian-Mediterranian cuisine is served on marble bistro-top tables in the intimate dining room. For a postprandial drink, the hotel bar has a thoughtful assortment of Peruvian Pisco, craft beer and South American wines.

Though children are not barred from staying at the hotel, the building’s museum-like quality (and priceless art everywhere) suggests that little ones are better left at home. The romantic feel of the hotel is far better suited to couples anyway, whether for a honeymoon or a spontaneous getaway.

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    40 minutes by road from Jorge Chavez international Airport

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    17 suites


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[{"address":"Hotel B, Saenz Pe\u00f1a, Barranco District, Peru","lat":"-12.143057","lng":"-77.02343200000001"}]

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