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Capella Ubud


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Imagine camping in the lush green forests of Bali, wonderfully secluded from the outside world. Now imagine that the tent you’re camping in is positively palatial, beautifully bedecked with the most luxurious of fabrics and furnishings, and you don’t have to prepare your meals over a campfire (unless you want to) because there are stellar restaurants just steps away. This imagined scene might feel unlikely, but it’s exactly what you’ll find at Capella Ubud, the only luxury hotel in Keliki Valley, and one of the most magical places imaginable.

Twenty-two tents makeup Capella’s exquisite campsite – pick your tent by the location and views you fancy, whether that means being tucked into the rainforest or settled by the soothing sounds of the River Wos. Valley and Terrace spots are two further options, but – as all have private pools – you really can’t go wrong. Styled in a way that conjures up images of 19th-century explorers, tent interiors are smorgasbords of intricately patterned local fabrics, stunning woodwork and a myriad of treasures that you can imagine an Old World adventurer bringing back from a long journey. Expect four-poster beds, copper bathtubs and toilets that are quite literally designed as thrones. Views, it goes without saying, are simply to die for.

Upon arrival, guests are presented with duffel bags full of outdoor essentials (a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten bug spray). The “survival kit” style of them speaks of a true camping experience, but all you could possibly need is never far away. Breakfast is served in the Officer’s Tent, a delightfully chaotic living room-style space. Pop back for afternoon tea and cocktails in the evening, or visit one of two open-air restaurants. Sit at the grill of Api Jiwa for fantastic Asian barbecue, or visit Mads Lange for flavourful regional dishes that hearken back to the days of the historical spice trail. Have a poolside drink at Mortar & Pestle Bar before winding down the evening by toasting marshmallows over the blazing campfire.

When you’re ready to venture beyond your posh tent and into the rugged outdoors, the Balinese rainforest becomes your oyster. Trek through the jungle, mountain bike the foggy mountain terrain or climb an active volcano at sunrise (yes, really). When you’re spent from a day of adventure, return for a dip in your private pool or a decadently luxurious bubble bath. If only all camping expeditions could be like this…

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    1 hour by road from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport

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    33 tented retreats & lodges


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[{"address":"Capella Ubud, Bali, Jalan RY Dalem, Keliki, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia","lat":"-8.448823200000001","lng":"115.26875990000008"}]

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