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Burj Al Arab


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Edit 30 Sep 2020-01 Oct 2020 (0 guests)

Representing all that Dubai stands for – avant-garde modernity, awesomeness, wealth and power – the Burj Al Arab has some big shoes to fill while it functions at an impressive pace to meet such supremely high standards. Easy peasy for the Burj Al Arab.

The most notable recent addition to the hotel is the terrace – its laid-back luxury contrasting drastically to the frenetic OTT interiors. Launched in 2016 and adding a dynamic dimension to the property in the form of a spectacular outdoor area, there are three pools, air-conditioned cabanas of various sizes, and Scape – an uber-cool bar and restaurant. For those who prefer a swim indoors, there are another two pools in the health club, one for ladies and one for both sexes. Talise Spa, spread over two floors, is definitely worth a visit.

The staff ratio here is eight per suite (202 suites in total), so expect to be spoiled even if you choose to wallow in your lavish duplex pad. Call the butler and order some champagne; enjoy the water views from the floor-to-ceiling windows before sauntering upstairs. There’s a work area in every suite with a desk and printer, and bedrooms (with naughty mirrors above the beds), dressing rooms and bathrooms (full-size Hermes amenities for him and her, including perfume) are vast. Espresso machines and TVs are rimmed in gold; the colour schemes throughout are rich and royal. When the hotel was built in 1999, there was nothing like it in the world. Today, rooms need a refurb.

There are nine restaurants and bars. Start with cocktails at Gold on 27, where the city views at night are stunning. Al Mahara offers sublime seafood in a venue with a tropical aquarium as its centrepiece. Al Muntaha on the 27th floor serves gourmet French food, but come prepared to pay about double (triple?) the price you would in Paris. Of course, the terrace will beckon when the weather is fine; the live saxophonist wandering the decks will make it very hard to leave this haven.

Bold, and the furthest thing from discreet, this hotel will shock your senses while teasing you to fall in love. Think Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – you’re here in a dazzling and different world. But beware, stay here, and you’ll forever compare hotels from that moment on with how waking up in the morning at the Burj made you feel. It’s a once in a lifetime must-do.

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