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The Beverly Hills Hotel

Los Angeles

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The Beverly Hills Hotel is nothing short of iconic. For more than a century, the pink palace has been a favourite stomping ground of Hollywood Royalty (and the backdrop to many a juicy scandal). Still chic as ever, the hotel remains one of 90210’s go-to places for those seeking a taste of old-school Hollywood glamour.

The star treatment begins the moment you step out of your car (or limo) onto the massive red carpet that leads into the hotel. Pass through the doors, and you’ll enter old-school Hollywood. Walls are painted in dreamy pastels or sport retro patterned wallpaper, while Art Deco makes a stylish appearance in boldly patterned rugs. Lacquered furniture and velvet add to the old-meets-new feel, large walk-in closets accommodate even the largest of wardrobes and pretty marble bathrooms are perfectly lit. Of over 200 rooms and suites, 23 are coveted bungalows notoriously reputed as being playgrounds for the rich and famous. Choose one of those if you want to feel like a paparazzi-avoiding star, or go for a historic guest room for the quintessential Hollywood experience. Private pools and terraces are found in the most luxe accommodations; book a first-floor room and you’ll be treated to your own private courtyard – perfectly furnished for lazy days lounging among the palms.

Of course, the pool is where the action is, and you’ll want to spend plenty of time there. Don your finest swimsuit and shades; the loungers and nearby poolside Cabana Café are the hotel’s prime spots to see and be seen. If you don’t want to leave the pool (and who could blame you?), drinks and casual fare are served there throughout the day. For another option, the 1950’s-style Fountain Coffee Room is a charming breakfast spot with nostalgic counter service and a soda fountain. The famous Polo Lounge is the picture of romance with its bougainvillaea-filled courtyard, private booths and the live jazz that plays at lunch and dinner. Have a champagne cocktail there, and then, in the evenings, continue the revelry in Bar Nineteen12, named for the year the hotel opened.

Glamour is a way of life in the country’s most famous zip code, so naturally the hotel sports everything you might need by way of spa, hair and nail treatments. Complimentary yoga classes and a decent gym keep guests looking their best before venturing out into the glitzy world of 90210.

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    35 minutes by road from Los Angeles International Airport

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    208 rooms & suites


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[{"address":"The Beverly Hills Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA","lat":"34.08146879999999","lng":"-118.41390590000003"}]

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