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Belmond Rio Sagrado


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Many centuries ago, Peru’s Sacred Valley was believed to be the best land in the entire region and was owned by the Emperor himself. Tucked in the Andean highlands, the area remains a deeply enchanting place and is home to many famous Inca ruins. Within the impossibly scenic valley is the Urubamba River, beside which you’ll find the Belmond Rio Sagrado. The hotel feels like a well-kept secret, close to some of Peru’s most compelling sites (Machu Picchu, for one), yet still wonderfully secluded amongst the fairy-tale forests and cliffs.

The hotel was designed to look like a rural Peruvian village, with low buildings housing its 10 rooms, 11 suites and two villas. Panoramic views of the river and mountains are the first thing you’ll notice upon entering your guest room; windows are positively postcard-worthy. Each of the rooms is uniquely designed with escapism in mind – this is a place to unwind and get away from it all. There are no TVs in-room for this reason, although with the plethora of things to do nearby their absence is hardly missed. The stone and wood rooms are vibrantly coloured, with beautiful Peruvian fabrics and private terraces. It’s also worth noting that the hotel is at a lower altitude than nearby Cusco, especially helpful for acclimatising.

At mealtimes, gourmet offerings focus on regional cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Stop by the cheery El Huerto at any time of day, whether it’s for a 6 am breakfast pre-Machu Picchu or for a candlelit dinner in the evening. If you’d prefer to eat al fresco, dine at El Jardin – you’ll be able to hear the sounds of the river as you sip on a glass of wine.

Arguably the cutest thing about the hotel is the baby alpacas living here on property. Kids will enjoy feeding and petting them (and adults certainly will, too). After saying hello, take off on any number of adventures: go on an ATV excursion, a horseback ride, or (if you’re a bit more daring) hop on a raft and brave the Ollantaytambo rapids. If you’d like a quieter experience, take a yoga class or visit the beautiful Mayu Willka Spa. For something truly memorable, take part in a ceremony led by an Andean Shaman in which you’ll honour and give thanks to the extraordinary natural world outside the hotel’s doors.

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    90 minute road from Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport

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    23 rooms and suites


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[{"address":"Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, Urubamba, Peru","lat":"-13.2905593","lng":"-72.14494059999998"}]

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