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Belmond Cadogan Hotel


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The single thing that ensures the Belmond Cadogan Hotel, London will become your home-away-from-home while you’re in town is hard to pinpoint. Because there are umpteen unique and stand-out features in this beautiful, bold and luxurious 54-room property. Rooms and suites are among the best in town, ditto the bar and restaurant and the location couldn’t be better.

Exit the main door of the hotel and you’re in Knightbridge; exit the side door, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Chelsea. If, however, you’re the type who eschews high street shopping of any kind, fear not, there’s enough here and closeby to keep you entertained for a fair spell.

Starting with history, onsight. The hotel underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment recently so the layout has changed (for the better), but if you get to know the concierge, he may be able to grant you access to room 118, if it’s not occupied, that is. Literary buffs will know that it was here in the Cadogan Hotel in 1895 that its most famous resident, Oscar Wilde, was arrested in room 118. That room today forms part of the Royal Suite, the property’s largest with notable special touches including a fireplace, park views (even from the bathtub) and superlative butler service.

Once you’ve seen the room, flipped through a few books in the library with its welcoming fireplace and admired the Swarovski crystal peacock made from 25,000 stones (Wilde loved peacocks), you’ll be ready for a drink in the bar where, if you ask, the waiter will fill you in on what was Wilde’s favourite drink, no doubt.

Afternoon tea that’s served in the hotel is notably superb, and a delicious breakfast is hosted in the salon off of the lobby, daily. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Adam Handling, Chelsea, is a fun (if costly) experience, especially with its open kitchen and classic setting. Invite someone you wish to impress; the service is impeccable.

The hotel is too small to have a huge gym or spa (there’s a smaller version of each), but a prime perk is that guests do have access to the superb neighbouring Cadogan Place Gardens, for residents only, which even has tennis courts.

Worth noting is that the Belmond British Pullman train journeys are also worth exploring while you’re here. That same concierge may be able to swing things for you; you’ll be fast friends by now, for sure.

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    35 minutes by car from London Heathrow Airport

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    54 rooms & suites


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[{"address":"Belmond Cadogan Hotel, Sloane Street, London, UK","lat":"51.49691499999999","lng":"-0.1591879999999719"}]

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