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Bellagio, Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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You’d be forgiven if you arrived at Bellagio’s porte-cochère and, for a brief moment, needed to shake your head to make sure you weren’t in the Arabian Gulf: the hotel’s dancing fountains are so very Dubaiesque. This elegant grand dame with its 4000 rooms offers everything you come to Vegas to experience under one roof, right in the centre of town.

You should book a room overlooking the fountains but if you don’t, there are many other opportunities to enjoy the water show, including from your late-night table at Hyde, Bellagio’s salubrious nightclub. But you’ll have the whole day to get through before that happens; here’s how to spend it.

Walk through the doors into the vast lobby, and you’ll need to take several minutes (at least) looking up at Dale Chihuly’s colourful sculpture that hangs above. Made of 2,000 hand-blown glass blossoms, it weighs about 40,000 lbs (over 18,000 kgs). Every morning between 2 and 5 a.m., a team of engineers comes to clean.

Check in, and if you’re here on a Sunday, brunch at Lago by Julian Serrano is a must. The meal will delight your senses which you can enjoy with a fine wine from the cellar as you gaze out over those fountains, yet again. There are other restaurant choices for breakfast (skip the buffet) including, of course, Starbucks.

Sunny days here should be spent poolside, and there are several swish choices. Hire a cabana and have lunch served in situ, preceding or following an on-the-spot massage and any spa treatment you want to have done al fresco. Luckily, there’s a salon and a hairdresser on the premises, so you’ll be ready to hit the casino looking your best before the sun sets. And if you win big, there are many shops here at the shopping promenade, including Harry Winston…

You’re never far from a bar in Vegas, but head to the Lily Bar & Lounge. For dinner, dine at Picasso or Le Cirque. Both serve French fare; the first has original Picasso masterpieces on the walls, and the second is so colourful and fanciful, it’s irresistible.

After dinner, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose between entertainment offerings, but Cirque du Soleil’s stunning performance of “O” is probably a good place to start. There’s also a wedding chapel right here on the premises – just in case.

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    10 minutes by road from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

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    3,933 rooms & suites


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