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Baur au Lac


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As Zurich’s most elegant, exclusive hotel, the Baur au Lac is a destination unto herself. Located within her own park right in the city centre and just a short walk to the city’s attractions, restaurants and shopping, she opened her venerated doors in 1844 and has remained in the same family ever since.

Anyone who knows the Swiss well knows that they are famous for their discretion, so when it comes to the Baur au Lac, it’s a true case of “if only the walls could speak”. Because it has witnessed history no doubt, and, without revealing its little black book, must have a story or two to tell. However, the only dirt we could dig up (literally) was that during WWII the grounds were used to grow potatoes.

Today, the hotel confesses that its success is decidedly down to the people who work here, both behind the scenes and in the front of house. And we couldn’t agree more. Like the owners themselves, one likes to think that some of the employees have stories that date back several generations.

But time moves on, and, in 2019, chef Laurent Eperon was awarded his second Michelin star for the Pavillon restaurant. Of course, such success is not a solo act, and the team will make you feel that you too, as you dine, are part of the celebration. The Menu Harmonie with expert wine pairing is, in our opinion, a bargain. It’s a beautiful waltz from start to meringue-infused, tantalising finish.

Slightly more edgy, and appealing to vegans and others, is the Rive Gauche restaurant with, in the summer months, its fabulous terrace.

The 119 rooms, including 27 junior suites and 18 suites, are beautifully laid out and classic in style with modern upgrades and amenities. The fabrics and fittings are tasteful and easy on the eye, and there are tablets in each room, too.

The fitness centre on the top floor that has views over the lake and Alps to spur you on, and, if that fails, a personal trainer with an upbeat attitude on life. After your workout, head to the breakfast buffet where some Swiss favourites, and more, await.

It should be mentioned, for all the divas out there, that help is on hand from the moment you land: this is the only hotel in Zurich that is authorised to meet guests at the luggage carousel in the airport – Louis Vuitton bags or not.

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    30 minutes by road from Zurich Airport

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    119 rooms & suites


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