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Baros Maldives


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Discovered by Italian divers in the 1970s, the island of Baros quickly became known for the exceptional reef surrounding its picturesque beach. Since 1973, the island has been recognised for something equally exceptional: the resort Baros Maldives. As only the third resort to open in the archipelago, Baros Maldives maintains its nearly fifty-year legacy as a luxurious island escape. A zippy speedboat ride will have you there from Malé in just 25 minutes, though it feels, in the best possible sense, a world away.

That Baros Maldives has had quite a bit of time to perfect its aesthetic is immediately apparent; attention to detail reigns supreme within villas that are nearly impossible to fault. Traditional thatched-roof exteriors lead to beautifully designed interiors that are simply sophisticated without feeling stuffy for a moment. Vaulted ceilings above rich wood floors contrast with white walls and natural materials native to the island. Beachside Villas have private gardens and lead directly to the beach, while the Water Villas are perched right above the lagoon. Book a Pool Villa or a Baros Suite if you’d like a private pool; for everyone else, there’s a lovely infinity pool overlooking the water. Throughout the villas, espresso machines come standard, and the yoga mats provided are a nice touch.

Local flavours and international favourites are made readily available, ensuring every palate is catered to throughout the resort’s assortment of dining options. At The Lighthouse, it’s hard to say which is more memorable: the excellent French cuisine, or the blacktip reef sharks you can spot from the deck as you dine. The Lighthouse Lounge is equally mesmerising; a drink here at sundown – soundtracked by a live saxophone – is nothing short of magical. The Cayenne Grill combines Indian flavours with fabulously fresh seafood, while the lagoon-side Lime restaurant is open all day and serves a great breakfast. For a particularly romantic meal, book an intimate dinner cruise for two aboard a dhoni.

The snorkelling and diving at Baros are excellent; barracuda, sharks and sea turtles are among the creatures you’re likely to see just a swim away from the resort. Within an hour of the resort are a myriad other world-class dive spots for experienced divers, while newbies can take courses at the resort. Watersports are plentiful, but those who’d prefer to keep their feet on the ground can do so in the heavenly (and aptly named) Serenity Spa.

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