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Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice


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You won’t want for accommodations in Venice. The Italian city has a staggering number of hotels, but only one can claim the title as Venice’s oldest. That honour goes to the Baglioni Hotel Luna which has been standing for the better part of a millennium. Built in the twelfth century as a convent, the hotel draws its influence from the Venice of centuries past, offering a regal stay in the heart of the city.

After arriving at The Luna via the hotel’s private canal, you’ll be transported back in time to the Venice of old. The hotel uses the building’s history as inspiration for its design: furnishings are ornate and opulent from the silk-swathed walls to the ceiling frescoes that date back to the 1700s.

Rooms feel like something transplanted out of an 18th-century palace; book one with a lagoon view for the quintessential Venetian experience. No two are exactly alike but across the board, you can expect Fortuny lamps, Murano chandeliers, grandiose headboards and a general feeling of opulence everywhere you look (myriad gold accents certainly assist in this).

The room’s lavish brocades give way to bathrooms of Italian marble, making the entire experience one of aristocratic ambience. The caveat to its no-expense-spared feel is that Wi-Fi and snacks will come at an additional cost.

Start the day with a decadent breakfast in the equally decadent Marco Polo ballroom – but do make your reservations with the meal in mind; some reservations come breakfast-inclusive but not by default. The hotel’s Caffé Baglioni is a good stop for lunch, and Canova Restaurant is quite good but won’t be terribly missed if you skip it in favour of exploring eateries nearby.

Note that there is no pool or fitness centre here, nor is there a spa. The hotel welcomes families, and children under the age of 16 stay for free, but you won’t find child-specific activities within it, either. The plethora of nearby attractions replace the hotel’s lack of things to do; Piazza San Marco is just steps away, and the attractions of Venice are close at hand; a short walk will get you to Teatro la Fenice, many fashionable shops and the iconic Harry’s Bar – the birthplace of the Bellini (cocktail, that is).

If you can swing it, plan your visit during the Venice Biennale – held every two years – an art exhibit is as breathtaking as the city itself.

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    40 minutes by water taxi from Venice Marco Polo Airport

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    91 rooms & suites


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