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Baccarat New York

New York

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Edit 23 Oct 2020-24 Oct 2020 (0 guests)

“Oh là là” is the only way to describe this modern-day Versailles. And that’s almost all the French you’ll need to know while you’re here at the Baccarat Hotel, New York – and you’ll be saying it again and again. Baccarat, manufacturers of French fine crystal, have created a sparkling, decadent and uber-chic pied-a-terre (oops, another French term) here in midtown, right across from the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), which would, no doubt, be on your list of to-dos anyway.

This is bling at its best. You’ll be greeted at street level, and an elevator will take you up a floor to check-in. The reception area extends into the Grand Salon where almost everything happens, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner – and a lot more in between.

Opulence is the name of the game at the Baccarat. Showcases of crystal, chandeliers, original artwork, sumptuous fabric and other objets d’art ensure you feel a sense of drama as you enter. The plush leather and faux fur sofas and chairs beckon you to flop down and order afternoon tea on a whim.

The tea itself is, incidentally, from France’s finest tea emporium, Mariage Frères, and is ceremoniously served with gorgeous canapes and petit fours. You’ll be tempted to ask for a glass of champagne as well, but when you see the bar, you’ll want to wait to have that glass there. It’s a beautiful (and very popular) extension of the salon with cosy seating and bartenders who seem capable of managing umpteen orders at once.

Many of France’s finest products are represented here, including the Spa de La Mer where La Mer products are exclusively used. Spa aficionados will want to avail themselves of that while here. There’s an indoor pool, too, with a tiled black and white checkered basin (like the bar’s bistro-style floor), a gym and a separate room for Pilates and yoga.

The 114 boudoirs and suites are elegantly unfussy and beautifully appointed with wooden furniture and fabrics in shades of cream and white. Minibars are elegantly stocked with Baccarat crystal glasses. Bathrooms are finished in soft grey marble with heavenly-scented amenities by Paris’ Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Just remember, as you would anywhere in a big city, to ask for a room that doesn’t face onto the street (53rd, in this case). Come bedtime, you’ll be able to slip in between the luxurious jacquard linen sheets and say, yet again, “oh là là”.

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    50 minutes by road from John F. Kennedy International Airport

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    114 rooms & suites


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    Swimming pool

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