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Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


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The modern complex that is Japan’s Toranomon Hills is a contemporary amalgam of shops, residences and corporate offices. It’s also home to the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills; stylish and contemporary – with a claim on the top six floors of one of Tokyo’s tallest buildings – this hotel offers up boutique vibes with views that are hard to beat.

The entire hotel feels fresh and open and is designed with a pleasing blend of old and new influences. Washi paper and fusuma-style panels pay homage to classic Japanese aesthetics, while the eye-catching modern geometry of crisps lines and rectangles serve as backdrops to smoothly curving furniture and light fixtures.

Within the rooms, white walls, matcha-coloured floors and organic materials create spaces that are chic and comfortable. Large wooden bathrooms have deep soaking tubs, and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks come complimentary. All rooms have beautiful views, but do take into consideration the possibility of nearby construction leading up to the 2020 Olympics. It might be worth inquiring about while making your reservation.

The hotel’s popular Andaz Tavern has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out at the Imperial Palace Gardens and serves meat that has been perfectly matured with a “snow-ageing” process. With just eight seats, the SUSHI is an intimate choice for deliciously fresh – no surprise here – seafood. The Rooftop Bar is a must-visit for its views; order the signature drink, a Personal Collins, while you’re there. Burgers and Happy Hour offerings can be found at the lively BeBu on the ground floor, and sweet treats can be found at the Pastry Shop nearby.

A twenty-metre pool (also with great views, as is the theme in this hotel), can be found in the AO Spa and Club. The paper-lantern lit spa feels like a modernized apothecary; at the Blend Bar, you can watch your therapist create concoctions of oils, herbs and spices that will be used in your treatment.

Families are welcome here (though kids are not permitted in the rooftop bar), and children will delight in Toranomon, the hotel’s feline-esque mascot.

The hotel’s location is well-suited for a variety of travelling endeavours. About a mile north are the Imperial Palace Gardens, and the glittering Tokyo Tower is the same distance south. Shop in the nearby ritzy Ginza, or tour the historical offerings; a number of sites (including Zojoji temple and Kotohira Shrine) are within two miles of the hotel.

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    20 minutes by road from Tokyo Haneda Airport

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    164 rooms & suites


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