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Seen from afar, the hillside Anassa Hotel on Cyprus’ west coast resembles a stately Mediterranean villa with whitewashed walls and manicured Cypress trees. Venture a little closer and it transforms into an elegant Cypriot village. “Anassa” means “queen” in ancient Greek – and no wonder – from the classical buildings to the exquisite gardens, everything about the space feels regal. At the hotel’s heart is its gem: an expansive courtyard designed to resemble a village square, complete with romantic lights strung overhead and a gorgeous Byzantine chapel.

Contemporary rooms and suites are open and airy, done up in beachy hues with natural materials throughout. Blonde wood and whitewashed walls give the spaces a dreamy, ethereal vibe. Opt for a Sea View Room; while you do have the option of Garden View accommodations, you’d be remiss to pass up on the dramatic ocean vistas. Many rooms have balconies and terraces to take in those views, made even better when enjoyed from a private pool.

Many traditional Cypriot delicacies (think fabulous fresh cheeses and honey infused with flowers) are made by the hotel on-site. In the village square, a “Cypriot Village Fair” is held weekly, complete with live music and folk dancing. For dining during the rest of the week, eight restaurants and bars keep things interesting. The cavernous Basiliko blends Asian and Mediterranean cuisine in a gorgeous dining room; the entire place – right down to the linens – is a vision in cream. The tavern-style Pelagos serves seafood and pasta al fresco, pleasantly shaded with a view of the sea. In the lobby, Armonia Bar serves cocktails and canapes (and a fabulous chocolate cake), and the bougainvillaea-draped Amorosa Lounge and Terrace is a romantic little retreat for a glass of champagne. Pretty as those options are, you needn’t even leave the water for refreshments; the swim-up Meltemi Bar and Blue Bar on the beach see to that.

Anassa is wonderfully family-friendly, and children are spoilt for choice with a variety of engaging programmes. For the rest of the family, the abundance of nature makes it easy to stay active outdoors, whether exploring the nearby mountains on bicycle or learning to paddleboard on the crystal-clear waters of Chrysochou Bay.

No stay would be complete without a visit to the decadently Romanesque Thalassa Spa. Many of the spa’s superb treatments are inspired by the sea, from algae body wraps and salt scrubs to Thalassotherapy treatments that are second to none.

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[{"address":"E713, Neo Chorio, Cyprus","lat":"35.04355978528049","lng":"32.37045407295227"}]

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