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Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort


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The ancient Minoan Kings of Crete dwelled in palaces so sprawling that they were the source of the myth of the Labyrinth in which the hero, Theseus, slew the great bull-headed monster. Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort claims to take inspiration from these royal residences but, fear not, they mean luxury, not a challenge, for any intrepid travellers.

There is a real sense of mythical royalty here, from the flowing, robe-like garb of the female staff, to the glamour and style of the facilities and buildings alike. The 216 suites, bungalows and villas are spread around a beautiful man-made lagoon, allowing visitors to enjoy the sensation of having a moat.

Sadly, as inviting as the inlet might appear, it isn’t for swimming. Instead, it acts as a reflecting pool for the candles and lights of the resort at night, enhancing the fantastical aura of Amirandes. Don’t let the news of no swimming in the lagoon dismay you, as Amirandes is handsomely equipped with a beautiful Olympic pool with overwater gazebos.

The very peak of royal treatment are the two-storey villas, each one enjoying private courtyards, terraces furnished with sunbeds and private pools and incredible panoramic sea views from the bedrooms. All have instant access to an isolated, practically private, beachfront.

The closest you’ll come to the myth of Theseus is dining in the fantastic Minotaur restaurant, where rather than fusing man and beast, they masterfully blend Italian and Greek cuisine, as well as proudly displaying the hotel’s own Picasso collection. Another highlight among the four other à la carte restaurants is Xasteria, touted as serving some of the best Greek cuisine in the world by the Golden Toques & Greek Cuisine Awards in 2017. There are also four other light dining joints here, meaning there are plenty of options throughout your stay.

The spa is admittedly small, but there are plenty of activities available to keep you occupied. Watersports, tennis and a diving centre are all accessible on-site. Off-site offerings include horse riding and access to Crete’s sole 18-hole golf course. Children, in particular, will have plenty to do while staying at Amirandes. The onsite Arsenal Soccer School is particularly impressive, and there is easy access to some of the best theme parks, water parks and the CretAquarium.

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    15 minutes by road from Heraklion International Airport

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    216 rooms, suites & villas


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[{"address":"Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Palea EO Irakliou Agiou Nikolaou, Gournes, Greece","lat":"35.3336903","lng":"25.32425020000005"}]

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