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Amilla Fushi


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Naming a tropical resort “my island home” is sure to set expectations high. Thankfully, Amilla Fushi – which means just that – delivers. Set in the lovely Baa Atoll, the luxury resort blazes its own stylistic trail; absent are the expected themes (think thatched roofs and woven grass) that are so often done (and overdone) in Maldivian resorts. In place of that archetypal island design is a decidedly Coastal-Greece-meets-French-Riviera vibe.

Whitewashed villas are stilted above the water or soar high in the trees, and the contemporary interiors are deeply minimalist. The design scheme is unexpected, but works well, making for a glamorous resort that draws an equally glamorous crowd.

The interiors of the dreamy villas evoke all-encompassing serenity. Crisp white walls are largely undecorated, with subtle colour added from gently polished wooden furnishings and only the choicest of patterned accents. Spa-like bathrooms feel more like modern art galleries with their deep stand-alone tubs and intriguing light fixtures. The scarcity of superfluous design ensures that the focus remains on the magnificence of the surrounding nature, which – in an Ocean Reef or Lagoon House – means crystal-clear waters, dazzlingly white sands and the stillness of your own freshwater pool. Those who prefer the palms should opt for a villa in the tree canopy.

Begin your evening (or end it) with a cocktail in 1 Oak Lounge – an extension of the popular New York City nightclub that shares its name. Following a libation or two, make your way to the resort’s signature restaurant, Feeling Koi. The creative Japanese cuisine served here is excellent, but it is its venue – overwater with spectacular views – that truly steals the show. You’ll have plenty of other dining options including handmade pastas and Italian dishes at Barolo Grill, Fish & Chips Shop and the greenery-surrounded Joe’s Pizza – both of which serve familiar favourites. A visit to the rustic-yet-refined Cellar Door for a sampling of some of its 8000 plus bottles is a must-do for any wine enthusiast.

The Baa Atoll is an outdoor lover’s paradise, and there are no shortage of options for those who wish to explore the colourful reef, whether above water or below it. Tennis and football courts as well as a pool and gym are all present, and the marvellous Sultan’s Village Kids Club keeps younger guests entertained. After you’ve done it all, head to the Javvu Spa for a soothing treatment in a beautifully tranquil space.

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    30 minutes by speedboat from Male International Airport

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    67 villas and residences


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