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Turks & Caicos

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Aman has a penchant for finding some of the most exotic locations on the planet for their collection, and their hotels guarantee guests a truly unique experience. Amanyara is one example – a beautiful resort located on the outskirts of a nature preserve, situated on a gorgeous pristine beach overlooking turquoise waters. Stay here and disengage from the world completely.

While you’re here, dip into the fantasy, dip being the operative word. Coral reefs abound, so if you enjoy snorkelling, just wade into the waters. Scuba divers can avail themselves of numerous superb dive sites too, including West Coast Provo on half or full-day boat trips.

Water aside, if it’s the resort you’re here to enjoy – and it definitely should be – dive into another type of glory. A mere one hour and forty-five-minute flight from Miami’ airport, the resort is less than an hour’s drive from the local airport, so you should be poolside (adjoining The Bar) in no time at all.

This is outdoor living at its finest. You’ll stay in a Pavillion – or a villa if you’re a larger party – that’s designed to let the outside in, with glass walls and a terrace. Pick from several locations, including those on private ponds, with private pools and those that are steps from the ocean; all are incredibly luxurious, and you’ll be free to luxuriate in the privacy of your own space.

Space that includes butler service and a room that’s stacked with all the mod cons. Pavillions are kitted out to meet your every need; bathrooms are expansive and have the best that there is, including twin vanities, stand-alone bathtubs and separate showers.

If you can tear yourself away from The Beach Club, The Restaurant, open for breakfast and dinner will be soon become your go-to spot for dinner. The focus here is global fare, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and organic produce from the property’s aquaponic vegetable garden. What’s great is that you’ll never need to make a reservation anywhere – and no pressure is a hot commodity when you’re here to unwind.

Unwind you say? Do just that at the fabulous spa. But before you go, head for the daily morning yoga session. If you’re feeling restless, grab a bicycle and toodle around the property, after which you can play a game of tennis, or at least contemplate it. You’re here to unwind, remember?

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    30 minutes road transfer from Providenciales Airport

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[{"address":"Amanyara, Wheeland Settlement, Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands","lat":"21.824769","lng":"-72.338169"}]

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