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Siem Reap

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A trip to Cambodia wouldn’t be complete without a journey to Angkor. Among the ancient city’s ruins and preserved buildings is the famed Angkor Wat, considered to be the largest religious monument on earth. The site is so deeply cherished by Cambodia that it is depicted on the country’s flag; needless to say, it’s a must-visit. The town of Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor, and within it is one particularly classy place to stay. Amansara began as a royal guest house, developing a reputation over the years for its discretion and beauty. Now one of the poshest resorts in the city, Amansara is a decadent launch pad from which to explore the region. The resort’s price tag is nothing to sneeze at, but the host of included perks make a stay there well worth it.

Amansara is delightfully retro, the style of the 60’s heavily featured in the New Khmer architecture. Timber and terrazzo rooms continue the old-school aesthetic, with dark wood furnishings that stand out against pale walls and accents. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of light and open to elegant private courtyards (twelve of which have plunge pools). Fruits and cheeses are replenished daily along with freshly baked confections.

Also included in your stay are tuk-tuk excursions to and from Angkor, led by your own personal guide. Amansara guests also get special privileges when visiting the ruins, such as having the opportunity to explore without the ever-present crowds. The resort offers an array of ways to explore the rest of the region, from Jeep tours of Siem Reap to guided hikes through the Angkor jungle.

Whichever adventures you choose to fill your days, you’ll be able to return to a delicious meal at Amansara’s restaurant. All palates are catered to, as the cuisine is a mix of both traditional Khmer and Western dishes. The dining room is the Amansara’s crown jewel; once upon a time, the towering, domed space was a dance hall.

Amansara has a fitness centre for keeping active when you aren’t busy exploring, in addition to two pools (one of which is a 25-metre lap pool). Take a yoga class, try guided walking meditation or venture into nature for Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy. Traditional Cambodian techniques and ingredients are used at Aman Spa, which has a tantalising menu of treatments, including the Apsara Spa Ritual, an experience specially designed for women.

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[{"address":"Amansara, Svay Leu, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia","lat":"13.707549","lng":"104.10562600000003"}]

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