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There’s no arguing the fact that Thailand boasts many of the world’s finest hotels and resorts in the world. Stellar service, wonderful views, lush gardens, lavish interiors and top-notch restaurants are almost a given. Amanpuri is no exception; it pretty much toes the line when it comes to the ‘best hotels in the country’ category and has for over 30 years. There’s so much here to love, including Nama, the Washoku restaurant; the infamous stand-out black-tiled swimming pool that overlooks the sea; a medical-grade spa that’s geared to wellness and relaxation; a watersports centre; a stunning beach and activities aplenty.

Situated on a peninsula that’s covered with forest and surrounded by tranquil beaches, it’s a peaceful spot. But should you need an escape, there are several restaurants, bars and boutiques within walking distance. It may be hard to tear yourself away from this place, however.

Starting with your room. You’ll have your choice of 40 traditionally-styled Thai villas; some have more steps to get to than others, but there are buggies to ferry you around if needs be. Several have swimming pools, and all have sun decks with loungers and salas as well as a space to dine al fresco should you choose to eat in. The villas are very private, and cleanly and crisply decorated with lots of gleaming teak, traditional carpets and high-quality linens. Ubiquitous orchids are everywhere. One warning: you may want to bring some backup chargers if you have lots of tech to run because, if you find yourself in one of the older villas, you may be challenged to charge up due to a lack of plugs. Bathrooms are built for two, with sunken tubs and separate rainwater showers.

At the centre of the resort is a vast Thai pavilion which, surrounded by swaying coconut palms, houses the hotel reception and restaurants. Nama will make Japanese food lovers swoon, otherwise there’s Arva for fine Italian fare, the Thai restaurant and a Mexican restaurant called The Lounge. Should you care for a cocktail, there’s one on hand wherever you wander, or you may just opt to stay reclined by the pool and let the drinks come to you.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a few posh yoga outfits and some glam togs for the evenings. You never know who you’ll run into here at this glamorous enclave that attracts A-list celebrities and your average over-worked executive alike.

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    40 minutes by road transfer from Phuket Airport

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    30 Villas


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[{"address":"Amanpuri Choeng Thale Phuket Thailand","lat":"7.9842032","lng":"98.27645059999998"}]

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