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The Unesco-listed monument of Borobudur, the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world, forms the backdrop of the entrance to Amanjiwo; hotel arrivals are rarely so dramatic. Natural beauty is all around, and you’ll instantly know you’re in for something special, as Aman always rolls out the proverbial red carpet. Rooms, recreation, service, and the food and beverage offerings will, you can be sure, rival the scenery and ambience.

Borobudur was made famous in the 19th century by Sir Stamford Raffles – founder of Singapore and, later, British ruler of Java – and the ancient monument is a sight worth seeing. Discreet and secluded, neighbouring Amanjiwo, means ‘peaceful soul’. The resort is located within a natural amphitheatre with the limestone Menoreh Hills rising directly behind. Four majestic volcanoes loom large in the distance: Sumbing, Sundoro, Merbabu and Merapi.

Check-in at Amanjiwo takes place under the central cupola, built to resemble a classic pantheon for the gods. The dome also houses the library, bar and main restaurant, but you’ll be so overwhelmed by the sight of Borobudur that you won’t even notice they’re there at first glance.

Amanjiwo’s suites feature terrazzo flooring, high ceilings, domed roofs and sliding glass doors that open onto a garden terrace with a view of Borobudur or the surrounding farmland. Fifteen suites come with private swimming pools, but all include a thatched-roof pavilion with a daybed for outdoor lounging and dining and two loungers.

The rotunda bar is a circular salon and the dining room, with its silver-leaf ceiling swirling and muted colours, serves Indonesian and western cuisine in an open-air setting with panoramic views. The view from the terrace is particularly arresting at dawn and twilight, or after a cleansing rain when the views open up over the Kedu Plain. Drinks, snacks and light lunches are also available at the collonaded Pool Club that stretches into the rice fields.

A range of Javanese and traditional beauty treatments are available at Amanjiwo, some of which incorporate the ancient holistic Jamu method of healing. These can be enjoyed in the privacy of your suite or in the specially designed spa suite which has twin massage tables and an outdoor kubuk for relaxing afterwards with some spicy ginger tea.

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    75 minutes by road from Yogyakarta Airport

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    36 suites


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[{"address":"Amanjiwo, Sawah, Majaksingi, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia","lat":"-7.631733100000002","lng":"110.20196579999993"}]

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