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Aman Tokyo


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With lofty ceilings, stone pillars and one of the largest spas in the city, Aman Tokyo is a futuristic and decadent retreat in this, Japan’s capital city. Occupying the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower, a 38-storey skyscraper in the heart of Tokyo’s business district, the design is both grand and understated – sleek, chic and minimalist.

Not far from the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, the hotel – which opened in 2014 – is the first urban retreat for Aman. From the ground floor, a lift swiftly transports guests up the 33 floors to the reception. The lobby atrium is vast, with floor-to-ceiling windows and the most extraordinary internal lantern dug out of the ceiling. It’s thirty meters high and creates a cathedral-light interior with warm illumination behind the paper walls. Beneath is an ikebana flower arrangement surrounded by rock gardens.

The feeling of light and space through the use of paper, stone and wood extends into all the ryokan-styled bedrooms. The 84 rooms don’t feel like hotel rooms, really, and they are sleek, seamless, modern and very large by Tokyo standards. The smallest is 71 square metres (765 sq ft), the biggest almost three times that size. Some have views over the Imperial Palace Gardens and some over the city. All have stone, chrome and wood bathrooms, separate showers and deep Furo soaking tubs. Striking Japanese calligraphy as artwork, lacquered boxes and tatami mats as carpets further ensure the sense of place of the rooms. Beds are on raised, wooden platforms that face the outdoors with crisp sheets and soft, downy pillows.

Start your day at the gym or pool, or forego all that and head down to The Café by Aman on the ground floor for coffee and a croissant. Later on, the perfect lunch can be enjoyed at Arva, where the lightest and liveliest Italian fare is served using locally-sourced ingredients. Black Afternoon Tea in the Lounge consists of a choice of black bamboo meringues, dark chocolates and black sesame scones.

But if you eat only one meal here, make sure it’s at ‘Musashi by Aman”. Make a reservation way in advance as it only seats eight. The chef buys the fish each morning for the prix fixe menu of the finest sushi, paired with selected sakes and wines. You’re forewarned, however, that sushi night out on the town back home will never, ever, be good enough for you again.

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    35 minutes by road from Tokyo Haneda Airport

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    84 rooms & suites


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[{"address":"Aman Tokyo, 1 Chome-5 Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan","lat":"35.6851918","lng":"139.76516909999998"}]

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