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1 Hotel Central Park

New York

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Nature inspires so much beauty. That’s pretty much the mantra here at the 1 Hotel Central Park, an eco-conscious luxurious retreat in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Built under the guidance of LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design), the hotel (one of four, all in the USA) observes practices and policies to ensure it remains green at every level.

You’ll know you’ve arrived on first approach: the hotel’s living green ivy exterior on Sixth Avenue and 58th Street is unmistakable. And once inside, there’s plenty to revel in at this modern and very trendy venue. Chef Johnathan Waxman has brought his farm-to-table acumen here with Jams. It’s actually the restaurant’s second “life”, so to speak, as it had its debut here in town years ago. Closed for a spell, it’s now located here on the ground floor and it’s supremely popular. Open from morning to night, the menu changes with the seasons.

There’s much more to love here though, including the decor in the overall scheme of things. Potted plants, terrariums and organic materials are used throughout to create a modern, comfortable and very earthy environment. Like several hotels in NYC have done, there’s a central seating and lounging area on the second floor, called the Social Space, where you’ll see people working on their laptop, talking, enjoying drinks or just chilling out.

For those not interested in unwinding, there’s the gym which has some very cool equipment as well as yoga coaches and personal trainers on demand. Plus, there’s always something happening in Central Park, one block away, that guests can get caught up in, sporting or otherwise.

The relaxed sense of laissez-faire is also found in the rooms. Rooms have wooden ceilings and headboards, memory foam mattresses, organic sheets and towels, Hepa air filters and live plants. They also have Nespresso machines and a yoga mat for a morning stretch. Bathrooms are equally environmentally friendly, with showers that are programmed to turn off after five minutes, so no dawdling.

Once dressed, the hotel’s Tesla will ferry you to and fro within a few blocks. That’s you and the rest of the family too, as four-legged friends are welcome, and so are kids. The smaller ones are invited to camp out in the comfort of their room if they wish – tents and sleeping bags provided.

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    50 minutes by road from John F. Kennedy International Airport

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    229 rooms & suites


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[{"address":"1 Hotel Central Park, Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, United States","lat":"40.7644475","lng":"-73.97630600000002"}]

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