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Dama de Noche

Dama de Noche

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Who hasn’t stared wistfully at the gorgeous silhouettes and decks of the private yachts moored in the Caribbean waters? Or coveted those that are docked, gleaming and bustling with onboard action at Martha’s Vineyard? But plan ahead, and a fabulous yacht can be yours, too, for that special holiday or celebration. My first love, Dama de Noche (as in flower, not lady, of the night), may very well be available. For me, anyway, she’s the most salubrious and elegant choice when it comes to chartering a private sailing yacht.

Dama de Noche, harboured in the Meditteranean in the summer and Antigua in the winter, has all it takes to make a perfect sojourn across the waters wherever you wish to go, and the crew of three will make sure your time is spent relaxing and rejuvenating as you put yourself for the trip’s duration into their capable hands. Of course, if your inner skipper is bursting to get out, feel free to roleplay as much as you like. The crew will make you feel like a pro (as they did me) in no time.

I recently spent three days onboard the Dama de Noche. It was pure joy – I’ll freely admit – in part because I really didn’t know what to expect so everything was such a thrill. The luxury trappings, attention to detail, diverting destinations, exceptional food and seamless service all added to the total experience.

Sure, such joy comes at a cost, but when you consider that it’s a private, bespoke experience and you never play second fiddle to anyone, you’ll realise that chartering Dama de Noche for a week may well be the best idea you ever had.


Baring All
  • ‘Cruising’ like this is the future – do what you want when you want
  • Well and truly the ultimate voyage for honeymooners of any age
  • Diet before you go for a guilt-free voyage
  • Pack lightly: it doesn't matter what you’re wearing when you step off this baby
All aboard

Banish the thought of boarding a cruise ship; a private yacht is just that: private. Having arrived at the marina at the pre-arranged time, the crew were ready for me to climb aboard. They were waiting for me after what had been a long trip over the Atlantic, with (bless them) a chilled glass of champagne on hand. My baggage was discreetly taken to my cabin, after which I was given a tour of the yacht and then, prior to setting sail, an overview of the safety procedures onboard.

Sleeping quarters

Describing the staterooms on board Dama de Noche is not difficult, there are three of them, each as comfortable as the other. These elegantly designed spaces are a masterclass in ingenious storage and chic, functional design. Polished mahogany, perfect lighting, HD TVs and silent air-conditioning, along with under-bed storage, plentiful drawers and a good-sized wardrobe, and you’re ready to set sail. Keep in mind, however, this is a yacht, and life aboard is casual and relaxed, so leave the big suitcases at home; there is only so much space onboard.

The Master cabin on the yacht runs the full width of the vessel and is very spacious with a queen-size bed, plenty of storage, a sitting area and direct access to the aft deck. There is a further double-bedded cabin and a twin-bedded one for additional guests. All in all, the yacht can accommodate six guests, not counting the staff.


The real surprise was the size of the bathrooms, decidedly larger than I had expected. The vanity space was ample, and the full-sized, walk-in shower had instant hot water (and the strength of water-pressure I yearn for at home), along with a vacuum toilet system. Towels were plentiful, fluffy and all embroidered with the Dama de Noche logo. Large bottles of Elemis toiletries were the order of the day.

Onboard dining

The food and beverage operation has to be the crown jewel on board. Dining preferences and any dietary requirements are noted before you arrive, so you needn’t worry that you are going to encounter any meals that don’t (haha) float your boat. The joy of having a passionate, private chef is that those foodie miracles keep on coming; meals that are nothing short of magnificent. Expect delicacies including fresh fruit and eggs Benedict to appear at breakfast, and lobster rolls and stunning, market-fresh salads for lunch. Perfect small bites will accompany sunset cocktails, different, of course, every night.

And, after a hard day spent watching the waves, what better way to enjoy the evening than over a feast that’s a real showstopper? Whether you dine out on the deck or within the salon, expect elegant table settings, subdued lighting and glowing candles. I happily indulged in everything, including delicacies like  Gruyere cheese soufflés and, another evening, Cantonese peppered squid for starters. Mains varied daily, and included succulent duck breasts, Maine lobster, and slow-cooked Angus beef short ribs. The choice of wines onboard was nothing short of exceptional, which might explain why it’s rare that guests ever dine on shore; why would they?

Take to the decks

The aft deck has large, covered spaces over the outdoor dining and lounging area. There’s also plenty of room for undertaking morning yoga rituals, evening boogies amongst friends, or just sitting and watching the world go by. Forward is the perfect place to sunbathe, accompanied by a perfectly chilled glass of rosé.

Onboard, overboard

The great thing about a private charter is that it’s utterly bespoke to you. Schedules and activities are designed around the guests. Feeling active? The yacht features paddle boards, a towing ring, a wakeboard and snorkelling gear.  The crew will organise anything  else you need. Be as active or as lazy as you want.

The crew

The crew is what really makes this such a special experience. With many years’ experience onboard luxury yachts, their relaxed but exceptionally professional approach ensures you feel safe and pampered too. They know when to be around and when not to. They notice everything and anticipate your needs before you do; nothing is too much trouble. Of course, crews on any charter yacht can always change but what never changes is the quality and service. Quite simply, they are dedicated to providing a truly memorable, outstanding experience and that’s exactly what they deliver.

General information

  • Year Built 2008
  • Model Oyster 82
  • Passenger Capacity 6
  • Crew Size 3
  • Cabins 3


  • Wi-Fi


  • Air conditioning

    Air conditioning

  • Water sports

    Water sports

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