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Sri Lanka

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    The beauty of an island destination is that everything is near at hand. In Sri Lanka that means beaches, cultural cities, tea-covered highlands and wildlife-rich rainforest, all gathered within the central and south-western section of the island. How you play these various cards depends on your interest, and of course on the season, because the monsoon brings rain and tricky sea conditions to this area between May and August. Fortunately, the island’s best weather coincides conveniently with Europe’s wettest, so this is a wonderful place for winter sun.

    Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for touring and some of the most exciting places to discover are off the beaten track. If you’ve an adventurous spirit, we suggest that you consider a minor detour to experience them fully. You won’t find the kind of globally recognised luxury hotels that we review in these areas, however, we can personally recommend charming boutique guest houses and lodges, independently owned and elegantly managed.

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