What makes Indonesia such a fascinating destination is its sheer variety. The country has the fourth-largest population on the planet and there are more than 300 different ethnicities. Some 17,000 islands extend 5,000km around the equator and they feature an incredible geographical diversity. Glorious white-sand beaches, dense jungles and volcanic landscapes scoured clean of vegetation by lava flows are just the start. With this comes the greatest levels of biodiversity to be found anywhere on Earth. So intriguing, you could spend a lifetime exploring Indonesia’s treasures and still discover something new on each visit.

    By far the most popular and famous destination in Indonesia is the stunning island of Bali, which attracts visitors with its unique culture, striking natural landscapes and gorgeous beaches. Those seeking an exciting metropolis should consider Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, on the island of Java. You may be surprised to learn that only Tokyo is larger and more populated than this bustling city. For a more relaxed vibe, head to the Gili Islands, where you’ll find the culture is one practically devoted to maintaining a chilled-out ambience and a resistance to the overdevelopment that has begun to affect other tourist hotspots. To list all the different experiences that you could encounter across Indonesia’s islands would take a lifetime, but this means there is something to suit all tastes.

    While exploring Indonesia you’ll have opportunities to encounter a richness of wildlife that is almost unparalleled across the globe (only Australia has a greater number of endemic species of flora and fauna). For a real adventure, head into the great jungles of Borneo to meet our ‘cousins’, the charismatic orangutans. Or head to the Komodo National Park, where dragons gather on the shores of the namesake island. Meanwhile, the water positively teams with life, as the coral seas produce a bounty of incredible sights for divers of all levels to uncover.

    Across all the landscapes is a richness of culture and people that makes Indonesia stand out. Each have their own language, heritage and cuisine that will suit those seeking authentic experiences. Wonder at the technical prowess of Balinese dancers. Be amazed at the skill of the practitioners of silat, traditional Indonesian martial arts, at the schools on Java. And delight at the wealth of delicious street food to be found at almost at every turn. All this and much more awaits you.

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