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    Landing in Hawaii, you’ll feel that you’ve arrived somewhere special. Laying claim to being one of the most remote archipelagos in the world, this string of pearls in the Pacific Ocean, exudes an uplifting vibe all of its own. The traditions of hula dancing, warm welcomes with flower leis, tropical orchids, and intense, multi-tonal sunsets, all ensure that Hawaii’s simplest charms will seduce any visitor to its shores in a matter of moments.

    Geographical isolation has showered Hawaii with awesome scenery. Take a hike on Hawaii Island, also known as Big Island, for almost unbelievable views of molten lava flowing from the volcanic peak of Mt Kilauea right down to the shimmering sea. You’ll be amazed by the water’s clarity, so if you like to snorkel or dive, get on your wetsuit and explore the reefs. They’re home to marine species like the masked angelfish that’s not found anywhere else on earth.

    Above the waves, try surfing Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach on Oahu, said to be where the pastime was invented. The island is also good for nightlife and designer shopping. And if outstanding natural beauty is high on your wish list, the Hana Rainforest in Maui is where Mother Nature created some of her finest work. Grab your camera and capture the brightly-coloured blooms, exotic birds, trickling streams and torrenting waterfalls. A helicopter tour above any of the islands is magical and if you’re visiting in winter, do keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales breaching below.

    For pure peace, quiet, or romance, Lanai is a winner. Sip Mai Tais by the pool, enjoy a round of golf or take a gentle stroll through the colourful streets of the city. Wherever you stay, the fun and elegantly casual island life that is so typically Hawaiian is there to soak up to your heart’s content.

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