Greece has more than its fair share of archaeological sites and a wonderfully rich tapestry of mythical beasts, mighty gods and legends woven into its history for good measure. Amidst this intriguing patchwork of heritage, Greece attracts holidaymakers in search of golden beaches and sunshine in droves, many who’ve been enjoying the friendly vibe and delightful summertime climate here for almost as long as the ancients!

    Orthodox Greek churches are dotted everywhere, with blue domes and rooms below that house ornately painted, gilt edged icons. The distinct, heady smell of frankincense wafts throughout the streets. You’ll find town squares with little old ladies dressed all in black putting the world to rights, gentlemen playing backgammon, and priests flicking their worry beads to and fro. Head into the countryside to discover olive groves and vineyards, all to the unmistakable soundtrack of the bells of mountain goats ringing through the air.

    When it comes to luxury beach holidays, the Greek islands lure with picture perfect scenes of sparkling seas, the traditional, slow-paced lifestyle, and pretty harbours flanked by white-washed buildings. Each has an individual personality and its own reason for you to visit. Mykonos with its cool bar scene and fashionable nightlife; Crete which is the largest island and particularly family-friendly; and achingly romantic Santorini where sunsets over the caldera are simply sublime. Combining more than one of these island gems into one luxury holiday is worth considering for a fantastic island-hopping experience. Halkidiki on the mainland gives the others a run for their money and has the advantage of being explorable far and wide with relative ease.

    There’s no shortage of seaside tavernas which are always fun. Is there anything better than fresh produce simply arranged? Just-caught calamari with a salad of feta cheese and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil is always tempting. Or try a hearty beef stifado stew or slow roasted lamb kleftiko. Contrary to belief, there’s plenty to tempt veggies too, from vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs to giant beans tossed through a delicious tomato sauce. And if you like the acquired taste of aniseed, there are ouzeries — traditional and those more stylish — across the land, for that refreshing pick me up.

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