South America’s largest country is as dazzlingly exotic as it is geographically diverse, and with a year-round sub-tropical climate, there’s plenty of appeal. You have to travel by plane to experience different regions, and for the adventurous, a journey into the Amazon rainforest should be top of the list. Encounters with indigenous tribes, endemic wildlife, or even tranquil boat trips along the second-longest river on the planet await you.

    For wildlife lovers, the Pantanal area holds the most allure. Often overlooked, its beautiful and remote wetlands are home to abundant birdlife, exotic flora and fauna. You’ll experience nature at its most beautiful on a visit to the immense Iguazu Falls – witnessing their power first hand is spectacular. Equally captivating, Brazil’s history is best discovered in the cobble-stoned towns of Minas Gerais state. Dramatic tales of the 18th-century gold rush, opulent colonial architecture and stunning mountain scenery combine to make this an enchanting region. Up the coast, Salvador runs to its own rhythm. Historically influenced by the African slave trade, the Unesco World Heritage Site is celebrated for its music, dance, fabulous carnival and beautiful cathedral. But a stay wouldn’t be complete without sampling the delicious local seafood – another true highlight.

    Brazil’s coastline is one of its most attractive assets with swathes of glistening white sand beaches broken up only by tranquil little fishing villages that epitomise laid-back living. The bays of Bahia state are particularly romantic and promise the ultimate barefoot escape.

    The main entry and exit points of the country are Rio and Sao Paulo, but exploring these cities is far from a chore – in fact, it’s a must. Oozing Latin flavour, their streets are filled with colour, sultry samba sounds, incredible art, gastronomy and gorgeous architecture. But the most wonderful asset in Brazil is its people. Uncompromisingly sensual, vivacious and expressive, Brazilians define ‘cool’, and their lust for life is infectious – this is likely to be what you’ll remember the most.

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