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Business Class  B777-300ER
Bangkok / Istanbul  January 2016

Turkish Airlines provides a business class service that is one of the best in the industry. My flight from Bangkok to Istanbul was representative of the usual Turkish service quality.

The crew were friendly, accommodating and efficient. And the in flight entertainment involved more than just a high-quality audio/video system as the carrier provides a strong focus on making the dining experience part of the entertainment. It’s interesting and fun, a key differentiator in the competitive market for premium customers.

Yes, the lie-flat seats in a 2-3-2 configuration are a bit last generation – and one definitely wants to avoid the very old angled seats still found on some of the Airbus aircraft—but the carrier’s food and beverage service is truly stellar. Meals are high-quality, diverse, and engaging. The à la carte menu focuses on choosing from a wide range of small dishes off the trolley, presented and served by the in flight chef. And the small battery-operated candles placed on passenger tray tables during the main meal service is a nice touch that provides an in flight dining environment that stands out from the usual in flight service product.


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