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Business Class  B787 – Dreamliner
Bangkok / Perth February 2016

Thai Airways Royal Silk Class is a very middling product. It’s characterised by the typical range of service and hardware, none of which are either great or terrible. It’s just a very ordinary product.

The seats are just okay; while cutting-edge and high-quality when first introduced on other carriers a full decade ago, the seats now being flown by Thai are very much last-generation. Yes, some long-haul aircraft feature last-generation lie-flat seats while other Thai aircraft, disappointingly, still feature the angled-flat seats from more than fifteen years ago.

The overall Thai service product suffers from poor food and beverage standards and a sad little entertainment system. The aircraft are usually exceptionally clean, however, and the in flight crews are usually friendly and attentive. The carrier’s crowded and dark lounges in Bangkok have seen better days, but the complimentary massage service is a stand-out feature for departing passengers.


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