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First Class  B747-400ER
Sydney / Bangkok April  2016

Thai Airways Royal First Class is a reputable product, with most features being above average rather than great. The seat on this B-747-400 was comfortable and provided a solid dining table and a reasonable amount of privacy.

The cabin was kept relatively clean, with an interior that’s generic in its design. The food was mediocre, which in itself was a disappointment as when travelling on the national carrier, one would expect flavourful Thai food, a cuisine that would fit perfectly with one’s desire to have light, fresh-tasting meals at 35,000 feet.

While the breadth and quality of the entertainment programming provided was a disappointment, the crew serving the first class cabin provided exceptionally good service: warm, friendly and extremely solicitous. Its major competitors in Asia and the Middle East provide better features than Thai does, but the warm and attentive service provided by their first class flight attendants is hard to beat.


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