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First Class Suite  A380
Singapore / Sydney  September 2015

Singapore Airlines was the first carrier to operate A-380 jumbo aircraft; its first class ‘Suite’ product was developed specifically for this airplane.  With privacy doors and the ability to connect center pairs of seats into a single ‘cabin’ for two travelers, the carrier promotes the ‘Suite’ product as a level above its standard first class product.  

The ‘Suite’ seats were introduced in 2007 and now feel dated, especially when compared with the better quality first class seats one finds on many of its major competitors. The Singapore seats do, however, provide very good privacy and an excellent variety of entertainment programs. On this flight, inflight service in first class wasn’t as good as one would expect from a carrier that’s usually rated amongst the world’s best. The crew seemed disorganized and the meal service wasn’t as good as it should have been.


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