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Business Class  B-777-200
New York / Hong Kong  November 2015

Best in class. Simply said, Cathay Pacific’s product is one of the best, if not the best, in the highly competitive business class market.

Every element of the product is sophisticated and comfortable, led by a lie-flat seat that is a favourite with global travellers. The seat provides the perfect balance of spaciousness and privacy, comfort, style, and an entertainment system that’s both comprehensive and easy to navigate. The in-flight service provided is excellent, with high quality meals and beverages served by a staff that conveys an appropriate balance of confidence and solicitous service. Furthermore, the carrier’s new lounge design which is not in place in JFK but is in the process of being introduced worldwide, is absolutely gorgeous.

New York to Hong Kong is served five times daily by the carrier and at approximately sixteen hours in duration, is the longest route in the carrier’s network. Read more Golden Palm reviews here.


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