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Business Class  B-777-300
Auckland / Los Angeles  February 2016

Air New Zealand’s business class (Business Premier) provides a good all-around product. While the food, entertainment and seat are all reasonably good, what really stands out is the staff. With few exceptions, they are extraordinarily friendly, helpful and attentive and they very clearly take great pride in the carrier’s inflight product.

Larger carriers provide good but slightly impersonal service, mostly because staff must carefully ‘follow the rule book’ when serving customers. But staff from this small, national carrier are clearly motivated by their desire to promote the national spirit by providing excellent service.

Air New Zealand’s lie-flat business class seats have been around for a while—the herringbone configuration is also found on Virgin Atlantic—and provide excellent comfort. While ideal for solo passengers, the seats aren’t particularly conducive for conversation. The carrier’s food quality is very good, albeit in small portions but it’s fresh-tasting with light and bright flavours. And as one would expect, the wine offer is excellent and showcases local vintners. Inflight entertainment is very good with a nice range of videos ranging from recent releases to box sets of television shows, to an eclectic mix of quirky local programmes.


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